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Bucky’s Spectacular Swine Show

Bucky’s Spectacular Swine Show


About: Bucky’s Spectacular is a swine jackpot show held in May.  This show is a Wisconsin Show Pig Association sanctioned event meaning anyone in the organization will get points for competing! For any questions, please contact the show’s Chair person, Ben Kronberg. 

**The show has been CANCELLED in 2020 in accordance with changing UW-Madison policies**


Location: TBA

Start Time: Trailers pull in from 6:00 am to 7:00 am.  Weigh-in starts at 6:30 am and goes to 9:00 am.  The show starts at 10:00 am, starting with showmanship, then gilts, and lastly with barrows.

Show Chair: Ben Kronberg, or (608) 931-0918

Show Co-Chair: Cassidy Dabbs,

Show Documents: 

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